Being candle lovers means that when we buy or receive them as gifts, we get to have unique candle jars when we are done using them. Depending on the unique candle jars your candle came with, we get sentimentality attached and are reluctant to toss them out.

Most of these unique candle jars are probably in the back of your cupboard or storage and are wasted because you need to use them. But, if you are wondering how to use these unique candle jars, you will soon be learning how to use them.

How To Clean Your Unique Candle Jars

Before making use of your unique used candle jars you got from a store like, you have to clean them using the following.

The Freezing Approach

This is among the simplest methods for removing wax from your unique candle jar. For an hour, you can start by placing the candle in the freezer and then carefully lift the last bit of wax with a butter knife or spoon. If it is difficult to do that, carefully make a few dents and let the pieces fall out. Later, gently tug the wick and holder out with your fingers, and use hot, soapy water to wash away any leftovers after removing everything.

Hot Water Approach 

Another method for cleaning your unique candle jars is the hot water approach. When they lack space in their freezer, many prefer following the first method. Boiled water in a cup should be carefully poured into the candle jar. The wax should either come up on its own after a little while, or you can gently stab it with a spoon or butter knife to assist it in loosening. Rinse in hot, soapy water, and your jar is ready for use.

Taking Off The Label Approach

The removal process is relatively quick and easy if the jar includes a label. Using mineral oil and hot, soapy water to help lift the adhesive and scrape it off. You can also put the candle jar under a warm hair dryer for 30 to 60 seconds before peeling it off. Of course, you  can get nea unique candle holders from

Ideas For Using Your Candle Jars

Many stores sell candles in unique jars. This means that after using the candle, you can reuse the jars. So, how do you reuse these jars?

Use It As A Planter

Unique candle jars are the ideal size for growing your beautiful plants quickly. You start by placing some dirt, adding some tiny stones on the bottom to help drainage, and then planting your seed. You can put it near or on your window sill so that you will add color to your space.

It Is Helpful In The Kitchen 

You can use your unique candle jars to hold your rings while you wash dishes safely in your kitchen. You only need to keep it near your kitchen sink. You can also store your homemade dishwasher soap, food or use it as a scrub brush holder to aid in the quicker drying of your scrub brushes.

Place It On Your Vanity